One Nation, Indivisible


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One Nation, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All

Part of a series of prints created to illustrate the Resistance to the Regime of 45, this features a line from pre-1954 version of the US Pledge of Allegiance.

(I prefer this version because it omits the addition of "under God," which has always seemed dismissive of the varied beliefs of this multicultural nation)

My resistance prints are designed to emphasize the joyful, civilized and positive qualities of living in the USA, qualities that I feel are threatened by the attitudes and policies of the regime of the 45th president.

I'm a long time supporter of the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Nature Conservancy and The Sierra Club, so part of the proceeds from the sale of these prints will be donated to environmental and socially progressive causes.

I print it on 100% cotton rag, ph neutral. archival watercolor paper in an easily framable format. Overall paper size is 13 x 19. I add the number of the print, the title: One Nation, Indivisible, and my signature in pencil.

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