I am not a liberal snowflake


Shipping to United States: Free

Part of a series of prints created to illustrate resistance to the regime of 45, this features a stubborn bear cub wearing her pink pussy hat, standing up to the notion that being a snowflake is weak or fragile.

I am not a liberal snowflake.
My feelings aren’t fragile,
my heart isn’t bleeding.
I am a badass believer
in human rights. My toughness
is in tenderness. My strength
is in the service of others.
There is nothing more formidable
than unconditional love.
There is nothing more courageous
than compassion. But if my belief
in equity, empathy, generosity
and love indeed makes me, or
people like me snowflakes, then
you should know--
winter is coming.

Text is by Houston Kraft

I print it on 100% cotton rag, ph neutral. archival watercolor paper in an easily framable format. Overall paper size is 11 x 14. I add the number of the print, the title: Snowflake, and my signature in pencil.

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